Links to the main European and Italian Institutions


 European Commission: the official website providing information in the 24 EU languages. It is helpful in finding out the EU functioning, the updates on European policies, press, video and photographic content.


download.jpgEuropean Parliament: the official website of the European Parliament providing information on the MEPs activities and on the state of play of rules as well as news on campaigns and calls for tenders as well as information material. 



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Council of the European Union: the portal of the Council of the European Union covers all fields of European policies. It provides updates on the progress of the regulatory framework, video and photographic content on the Council meetings. 



  logo_ue.jpgEuropean Union: the EU website where you can find all the information about the    European institutions and their functioning, legislative documents, subject-specific  sections and  historical material.



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Quirinale: the official website of the Presidency of the Italian Republic.


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Senato: the official website of the Senate of the Italian Republic.


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Camera dei deputati: the official website of the Chamber of Deputies.



Ministero degli Affari Esterithe official website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Dipartimento Politiche Europee: the official website of the European policies Division.


Other useful links:


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Europe direct:  the portal to find out all opportunities that Europe offers to its citizens through an on-line information service. News to move to another member state, regulations in force, opportunities for growth and funding for businesses and projects.



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The European citizens’ initiative
: the section explains how to submit citizens’ initiatives to the institutions. How to promote an initiative, who can back it and who can become a supporter. 


 Teachers’ corner: a website for teachers who want their pupils to learn about Europe and its institutions. It provides teaching material for different age groups. 


European Youth Portal: travelling, working, creativity, volunteering? The portal for young people provides practical and detailed information to move easily in the European Union. 

European small business portal: how the EU helps small and medium-sized enterprises by means of funding, partners and advice to operate outside one’s own country. 







Last update: 12 June 2014